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BEST SHAMPOO BAR?! | Toiletry Bar PH Review

Published on Jun 25, 2019 180 views
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I tried out a new shampoo bar and a conditioner bar this month -- the latter being the first ever conditioner bar I've tried.

So far, I'm convinced it's made our of magic!

If you want to get it, get in touch with ToiletryBarPH on Insta:

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  • rainetheawesome
    rainetheawesome 3 тижні тому Hey guys! Thanks for watching :) If there's a video you want me to do, lemme know! Also, awesome links are in the description box!
  • Anndrezzz
    Anndrezzz 3 тижні тому Useful info for someone who travels a lot like myself thank you sis
  • rainetheawesome
    rainetheawesome 3 тижні тому You're welcome! Hope you have fun on your travels :)
  • Bj B
    Bj B 1 годину тому Ano po brand?