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2020 Audi a4 Quattro Unveiled

Premiered Jun 10, 2019 59,039 views
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2020 Audi a4 Quattro Unveiled

The Audi lineup is nearing its complete redesign with the newly unveiled 2020 Audi A4. The company revealed the updated luxury sedan and wagon in all its forms including regular A4, A4 Allroad and S4. The biggest changes are cosmetic, but there are some technological updates, too.

The obvious changes are on the exterior. The front fascia is more aggressive with a version of the corporate hexagonal grille. The headlights are more angular on the grille side, and they receive aggressive LED daytime running lights that look like angry eyebrows. Along the flanks there are more exaggerated creases over the wheel arches, another cue borrowed from larger Audis. The new taillights' stylish LED elements reflect the front design.

The interior is mostly unchanged from the previous model, but it does get a new infotainment system. The old Audi interface with a big rotary knob is gone in favor of a touchscreen. The screen does feature audible feedback. It also appears to have a similar layout to the dual-screen system in larger Audis.

Under the hood, there will be six turbocharged engines available globally including both gas and diesel options. Three transmissions will be offered worldwide, too, including a six-speed manual, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and an eight-speed conventional automatic. One of the engines is an interesting 3.0-liter V6 diesel for the S4 TDI. It makes 341 horsepower, 516 pound-feet of torque and does so with an electrically-driven supercharger. This is made possible with a 48-volt electrical system that also operates a belt-driven starter/alternator that makes it a mild-hybrid.

Audi hasn't said what powertrains will be available in the U.S., but we expect none of the diesels will be offered. Likely the regular A4 will continue to use a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four with similar power to the current model (188 to 248 horsepower), while the S4 will likely continue to use a version of its turbocharged 3.0-liter gas-powered V6 with at least 349 horsepower. And since Audi already discontinued the manual transmission for the current A4, the U.S. will probably only get the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in the A4 and the eight-speed automatic in the S4.

The new A4 will be available for ordering in Europe next month with deliveries coming this fall. U.S. availability and pricing have yet to be announced, but it will probably be on sale later this year. Pricing will likely be similar to the current model at just over $40,000.

  • webuser 2014
    webuser 2014 1 тиждень тому I somehow don't feel it. The Designer couldn't catch the spirit of the A4.
  • qsn
    qsn 2 тижні тому is Audi listening to people and actually putting real exhausts? nicee
  • Hisashi Sawaguchi
    Hisashi Sawaguchi 1 тиждень тому looks like a Korean auto
  • Costin Robert Stefan
    Costin Robert Stefan 2 тижні тому That stupid screen thrown there tough...ruins the interior.
  • Gael 27
    Gael 27 1 тиждень тому Todd T Agree I have a 2012 S5 and for me I think that it’s the best look they’ve come out with and I love how they hid the screen with the dash and gave it that curve to it
  • Costin Robert Stefan
    Costin Robert Stefan 1 тиждень тому @Todd T So right...
  • Todd T
    Todd T 1 тиждень тому @Gael 27 I hate on it and I have an A6. The stupid screen look like the biggest "f-it, just glue a tablet in there ". Even the A3 hides the screen in the dash. This and the fact that nothing with the style of this and the last one resonates with me would stop me from buying one. IMHO, the 2012 looks better. As always, I would like to see one in person before I cast the final vote..on the outside, but the Android tablet on the dash makes you look like everybody else with an android phone clipped to their vent in their Corolla, trying to save a buck.
  • TheEryk
    TheEryk 1 тиждень тому Yeah A6/a7/A8 interior is waaaay better.
  • Gallon of Patrick
    Gallon of Patrick 2 тижні тому Gael 27 period
  • Gael 27
    Gael 27 2 тижні тому Why you hating on something you can’t buy lol
    CHEATERSOFTHEWORLD 2 тижні тому Designer: how many fake vents do you want? Audi: YES
  • Heh Bro
  • Your common driver
    Your common driver 2 тижні тому (змінено) 2nd Song???
  • kollane peni
    kollane peni 1 тиждень тому In the past all the a4 facelift models have had a new generation steering wheel, but this time they kept the Same one that pre fl had. I was expecting the b9.5 to have the same steering wheel as the new a6 and a7.
  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 2 тижні тому (змінено) Well, I didn't come here for a station wagon, thanks and bye. Also, that touchscreen on top of the dash looks horrible.
  • Burak Catli
    Burak Catli 1 тиждень тому really horrible!
  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 1 тиждень тому @Cucumber Actually, my wife is deciding which Audi model she wants to settle on. So, why don't you shove your cucumber up your ass, if it's not there already.
  • Cucumber
    Cucumber 1 тиждень тому You still wouldn't buy it even if it was a sedan so
  • Arthur Funk
    Arthur Funk 1 тиждень тому Looks like a cheap after market tablet mounted there.
  • Alessandro Diac
    Alessandro Diac 1 тиждень тому Fantastic 2020 AUDI A4
  • Jestronix Handerson
    Jestronix Handerson 1 тиждень тому I'm amazed we have come this far , the headlights and blinkers do the knight rider thing, it still can't drive itself !
  • Niranjan Paul
    Niranjan Paul 2 тижні тому Sharp front looks great !! With Quattro handling !! Cool Audi ...!
  • Ramzan Borzaev
    Ramzan Borzaev 1 тиждень тому Bmw et mercedes prennent de l avance sur audi
  • 2013
    2013 2 тижні тому We need a car to check the weather now.
  • MvC BK
    MvC BK 2 тижні тому 😘😘😘😍
  • Dulce Andrea Suarez
    Dulce Andrea Suarez 1 тиждень тому It’s only 2019
  • Bogdan V8
    Bogdan V8 2 тижні тому At least the exhausts are now real
  • Deep House Plus
    Deep House Plus 1 тиждень тому hmmm not bad not bad
  • Julián Esteban
    Julián Esteban 2 тижні тому Que bonito para llevar a la novia
  • Frano Stankovic
    Frano Stankovic 2 тижні тому Just a smaller a6 😂🙈
  • Divyanshu Gupta
    Divyanshu Gupta 1 тиждень тому Sabko bewakoof banao mat yeh Audi S4. Hai saale mc