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Why This Audi R8 Is A Bugatti DESTROYER! | First Drive

Published on Jul 11, 2019 133,405 views
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Why This Audi R8 Is A Bugatti DESTROYER! | First Drive


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  • Matt Leistner
    Matt Leistner 5 днів тому There are some R8 with more than 1000 hp in Germany - absolutely chaos!😄
  • YxxsZ
    YxxsZ 3 дні тому Wir haben in DE nen Gallardo mit 2600ps😂
  • MIke M
    MIke M 4 дні тому There are 1000HP everything running around the world.
  • Dan Hall
    Dan Hall 4 дні тому Matt Leistner there’s some close to 3k in America 😂
  • Muhammad Arfan
    Muhammad Arfan 4 дні тому I think they are all turboed v10s?
  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 4 дні тому But this one was a spyder
  • kanervatie
    kanervatie 5 днів тому Love those videos too. You know what I'm talking about! :)
  • MaxSpeed
    MaxSpeed 5 днів тому Seems like 1000 horsepower is standard on YouTube lol
  • MIke M
    MIke M 4 дні тому This is a modded R8 dude, this kind of stuff has never been done before. sarcasm
  • A B
    A B 5 днів тому I'm surprised Sheikh TGE, hasn't got this
  • Mark Oneill
    Mark Oneill 3 дні тому No he probs has 4
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 5 днів тому Craziest R8 you will ever see??? 800bhp is nothing for these cars. UGR R8 well over 2000bhp just to name one
  • Carrl McCann
    Carrl McCann 3 дні тому 800hp is a hell of a lot on main roads 😂
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 4 дні тому I keep having a cheeky look on there page at the ones for sale! Would love to get one over here! Archie would explode
  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 4 дні тому Mathew Wade -yeah, they're stark raving bonkers over at UGR. And you'd have to be bonkers to drive one of their cars. I don't think I have enough sack!! YIKES!!😲😲😲😲
  • Mathew Wade
    Mathew Wade 4 дні тому @xl_veralx 53-0 i knew it was over 2000bhp as I mentioned. Just couldn't remember exactly how much when I first commented on the video
  • xl_veralx 53-0
    xl_veralx 53-0 4 дні тому Mathew Wade ugr r8 has 3500 crank with 2500whp+
  • Iain Finland
    Iain Finland 2 дні тому That BMW M2 just looks like a Corsa parked beside that lot 😂😂
  • Easty027
    Easty027 5 днів тому 240mph with standard tyres and a soft top roof ! - what can go wrong ?
    KING TDI 3 дні тому Let's be honest, noone with more than half a brain will exceed 130mph on UK roads
  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony 3 дні тому Very nice for a supercharged R8. But the twin turbo V10 builds are much faster.
  • Maxwell Njabulo
    Maxwell Njabulo 1 день тому Stop assuming that it's faster than all the above mentioned cars. We want to see it to believe it,so set up a drag race simple as that!
  • Joel Berdat
    Joel Berdat 5 днів тому Nobody: Literally Nobody: Archie: R8 is faster than a Bugatti.
  • Roger K
    Roger K 4 дні тому (змінено) 0-60mph in 2.2s Top speed 240mph 1/4 mile 10s🤔🤔 Those numbers don’t add up lmao
  • Gerard Wainwright
    Gerard Wainwright 4 дні тому The Audi R8 can not save your soul's from Hell... Only Jesus can so please seek the Lord while he may be found... Turn from your sins...
  • Tunes4Life
    Tunes4Life 5 днів тому Shows how young ish you are when you ignore a Spyker C8 roadster!
  • Baboosh Animation
    Baboosh Animation 4 дні тому Well if we're being picky it's an LM85 C8 laviolette which were coupes. The roof is actually glass.
  • wincrasher2007
    wincrasher2007 1 день тому time to update the vid, "which douchemobile attracts more birds?"
  • Ed Haskell
    Ed Haskell 5 днів тому Next video: Archie buys supercharged r8!
  • Gregory George
    Gregory George 5 днів тому Ed Haskell 😂😂
  • aabbyy55555
    aabbyy55555 5 днів тому Archie Bro try not to bring your best friend Charlie with you on such videos because it soooooo obvious
  • Yahya Akoodie
    Yahya Akoodie 5 годин тому (змінено) Sheepey race is building a badass R8 V10+... its gonna comp with tge ugr guys... argie should ride with in the DDE TT HURICAN...😂😂
  • _XxFh4Ntom_ODExX_ AcePro
    _XxFh4Ntom_ODExX_ AcePro 4 дні тому Lol if R8 cant pass corvette? ... how tf R8 wnt to pass Buggati lol 😂😂😂
  • Justin Isaacs
    Justin Isaacs 5 днів тому Total chaos. Redline just down the road for me. Always like to have a sneaky peek.
  • PandaGains
    PandaGains 5 днів тому You a fellow KragRat too? 😋👌
  • Derek K
    Derek K 4 дні тому (змінено) That guy is clueless saying this R8 is faster then Bugatti or 918 . VF supercharged R8s are slow , barely quicker in 1/4 mile then stock R8s
    KING TDI 3 дні тому Archie's girlfriend might be Borat 🤫
  • wincrasher2007
    wincrasher2007 1 день тому Tom is pretty hairy....