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Elon Musk Calls Audi e-tron a "turd"

Published on Jun 12, 2019 13,148 views
All I Need Is U! (Wiggle) GAME アプリ 2006 corvette review

During Tesla's shareholder meeting Elon Musk has managed to ruffle some feathers calling Audi e-tron a turd. Let's talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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  • Mike Read
    Mike Read 1 тиждень тому I think everyone noticed, it was a joke, nobody was offended
  • PolskaWalczaca
    PolskaWalczaca 1 тиждень тому @Ray while burning their evs. They just recalled 1600 vehicles.
  • Chun Kau Simon Cheung
    Chun Kau Simon Cheung 1 тиждень тому Ray I agree, not a big deal, but I am sure Audi is NOT laughing about this (I am :) )
  • Ray
    Ray 1 тиждень тому not a big deal. I'm sure Audi laughed at it too.
  • Sitaifun Mac
    Sitaifun Mac 1 тиждень тому Kind of reminds me of the Chevy Nova, which in Spanish translates to "No Go".
  • J. Smart
    J. Smart 1 тиждень тому It’s not even a joke. He’s just pointing out the literal French translation of étron.
  • Chike Otaluka
    Chike Otaluka 1 тиждень тому Mike Read exactly. Just a joke hence why everyone was laughing and there were no questions asked about it in the Q/A
  • Mihail Todorov
    Mihail Todorov 1 тиждень тому Alex you are full of...e-etron....Efficiency is everything. do your homework better!
  • Roger Dottin
    Roger Dottin 3 дні тому Not fair, he only has a reservation for e-etron :) Im not sure why he is so excited to own e-etron :)
  • diablowlk
    diablowlk 1 тиждень тому @E for Electric I have to agree with migail, I bought my model 3 lr because of how many miles I can get and that is basically efficiency.
  • E for Electric
    E for Electric 1 тиждень тому Nope. Not true
  • Ahmad Fauzi
    Ahmad Fauzi 1 тиждень тому More efficient EV means we can use less battery in each car which is right now the bottleneck of the EVs production
  • robuzy
    robuzy 1 тиждень тому No there is not a mixed message you are over analyzing it. He can think it was a great ad and simultaneously make jokes about the car.
  • Michael Blackburn
    Michael Blackburn 1 тиждень тому E for Electric , that was my point. Someone who thinks advertising is disingenuous saying “great ad” for and ad that wasn’t that great, to me, is more trolling than complimentary. I took it the same way as if he had said “nice range”
  • Jorge T.
    Jorge T. 1 тиждень тому Also, he personally may not like the thought of making ads himself, but respects the rights of other companies to do so. Being the kind of man he is, he is also not too proud to give props when he sees something he likes. Js
  • Jorge T.
    Jorge T. 1 тиждень тому I'm with robuzy. Both can be true. He can think the ad itself is great, while at the same time not having such high of an opinion on the product. I think Dorito and certain GEICO ads are pretty good. Both, as products, are etrons in MY personal opinion.
  • E for Electric
    E for Electric 1 тиждень тому But the ad was actually not that great
  • Michael Blackburn
    Michael Blackburn 1 тиждень тому robuzy he also stated during the shareholders’ meeting he hates advertising, so he’s still teasing them by saying “great ad”
  • mrjoefly1
    mrjoefly1 1 тиждень тому He actually called it "etron" which is the name of the car, not his fault haha
  • AllGood
    AllGood 1 тиждень тому (змінено) I think consumers do care, when 1 ev uses 2x the energy to do the same range to another. Longer charge times, shorter range, double the cost of energy to charge up, more expensive battery to replace.
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Nick Antipin, having a V3 supercharger open in public means nothing if the firmware needed to use it is not public, and it’s not public. You can’t buy a LR model 3 at the dealer and charge it at 250 kW. So it’s false advertising. And the battery does charge faster in an Audi, unfortunately that isn’t what the Tesla fanboys want to hear, so in this case they want to compare miles range added per hour. But the e tron battery in the model 3 would be a great combination.
  • Nick Antipin
    Nick Antipin 1 тиждень тому @IMHO You actually can, there is 1st V3 supercharger open for public in US. And speaking of false advertising - it's Audi was laying which cars are charging faster in their paid ads/promotions. Tesla indeed makes future looking statements sometimes without clarifying when exactly it will be a reality, but it's never a straight BS as paid ads from other automakers often are. Tesla lives in the future and is shaping the future, everything they promised so far they delivered, sometimes a bit late.
  • Ray
    Ray 1 тиждень тому @AllGood Also, I would mention that it takes more energy and time to charge to go the same distance. Yes, you could effectively charge faster but you'll also go a much shorter distance with that same charge compared to a Tesla. I do care about efficiency which is why I'm waiting for Audi to improve in this area before I would put money down on an etron and also for the charging infrastructure to improve, I don't know of any fast chargers in the bay area of CA for CCS. I would be worried about lack of charging and also broken charging stalls which is what we have to deal with currently. The supercharger network is head and shoulders above any one else RIGHT NOW and the foreseeable future. Electrify america is at least a two years behind today, there are none in the Bay Area and the ones that do exist are only about 2 or 4 actual charger capacity.
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому AllGood, Audi is being proactive and doing a voluntary recall on something that may cause a problem. I would like to see someone do a video covering exactly what the problem with the wiring harness is that is allowing moisture in, and what the repair procedure will be. Will Audi give a loaner while the car is being fixed? Will they roll out the red carpet like Tesla did in the early days?
  • AllGood
    AllGood 1 тиждень тому @IMHO Audi not a good choice for now, needs to mature first. Audi confirmed Monday that it is recalling 1,644 E-tron electric SUVs, including 544 vehicles that have been delivered to customers, due to an issue with the battery pack’s seal that it says could lead to “a short circuit or thermal event.”
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому AllGood, I just don’t like the false advertising. I think Bjorn has the V3 software, or a version ver close to it. I think of it was public we would have 100 videos by now. And his charge was faster than any 150 kW charge at every point. It would be MUCH better to have these early access people posting progress than posting lies on the official website. My favorite channel was Ingineerix (Phil that was on Rich Rebuilds) because he was showing all the tech. I think it’s amazing Tesla can charge the model 3 at such high rates, and when the can all charge at that C-rate, under warranty, then its real, and it can be put on the website, in all countries. Notice Tesla EU websites don’t say “150 miles added in 15 minutes”, even though Bjorn showed his car doing that. But if and when all LR model 3, or even all P3D can get that firmware, then the website can and should say that.
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому AllGood, I don’t hate Tesla the car, I just don’t like the false hype used to make a $50 stock balloon to $380. I hope Tesla keeps improving, without all the false claims and hype. I’m interested in Tesla high speed charging like what Bjorn posted, it’s more informative than the V3 videos. I’d like to see the long term effect of that type of charging. And if Tesla allows every model 3 to charge at the same C-rate and still give it a warranty, that’s real, and great. I don’t like Tesla putting 180 miles range added in 15 minutes on their website, when you cannot go buy any Tesla off the showroom that can do that.
  • AllGood
    AllGood 1 тиждень тому @IMHO You know you are an intelligent guy, with good logic. But please tell me why the hate for TESLA - what have they done to you? (my 3rd request for an answer-maybe you will answer)
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому AllGood, yes, I was using the model X with the 22” wheels. The Tesla is more efficient driving. The e tron will still be a better place to spend time.
  • AllGood
    AllGood 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Now if you want to compare the 2 cars, then your numbers are wrong again. Model X long range uses 35Kwh/100miles The E-tron uses 46Kwh/100miles - sooo 32% difference in efficiency - winner Model X. Model X is also much faster 0-60 4.4sec E-tron 5.5 sec, here again Model X wins hands down no contest really. Much faster car, uses way less energy. Which would you choose? - putting shape of body and interior aside. Buy an Audi, ask them to give you a Tesla motors and battery? Now let's talk range: E-tron 204miles Model X long range = 325Miles almost a 60% longer range -- WOW what?
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому AllGood, I thought you were regurgitating what é lon was trying to claim. Alex was saying efficiency is not the main concern of buyers, and he’s right. Just look at SUV and pickup sales I the US and you will see that. If I was given either X or e tron, I’d happily drive it. Not sure I would ever buy either one because neither are practical or affordable. So it would have to be “I’ll give you $100,000 toward either a model X an e tron, which will you buy of you can’t keep the change?” From what I’ve seen, the e tron is where you want to spend time, sitting or driving. The model X might be where you want to spend time racing stoplight to stoplight.
  • AllGood
    AllGood 1 тиждень тому (змінено) @IMHO Where do you see me mention E-tron or Tesla in my post? I was making the point of efficiency is important to consumers, Alex was saying it is not.
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому AllGood, according to EPA ratings, as far as efficiency, Model X uses 43 kWh/100 miles, e tron uses 46 kWh/100 miles. When I took math, 46 was not equal to 2x 43. As far as range, model x can go 270 miles and e tron 204 miles. So range isn’t twice as much either. So all your “double the....” is nonsense.
  • Nickie McNichols
    Nickie McNichols 1 тиждень тому I think Elon Musk actually cares about the planet. I can't say that for any other car maker.
  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker 5 днів тому If Elon musk cared about the planet he wouldn't produce cars made from rare earth metals strip mined in China and powered by coal fired power plants and produce batteries that destroy the environment when they are disposed of.
  • maxpesh
    maxpesh 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Audi is a legacy auto maker and they should not be producing " A Pretty Decent Electric Car". They should be producing an AMAZING ELECTRIC CAR. Same problem with the Jaguar i-Pace, the efficiency is CRAP ! When Tesla engineers pulled apart an electric motor the first thing they did with the permanent magnets was to arrange them in a HALBACH ARRAY which made the motors so much better for performance and efficiency. I wrote a letter to Jaguar explaining this and they did not even bother to reply. Unfortunately I can't afford a new car Atm but, if these mainstream car company's don't get their arses into gear they are going DOWN. P.S. I am not a Tesla fan boy fyi.
  • John W
    John W 1 тиждень тому JLR didn't reply because your question was not exactly sensible.
  • Yu Zhang
    Yu Zhang 1 тиждень тому I know it is confusing... but the EV from Jaguar is called I-Pace.... but I guess making E-Pace the gas car is better than calling it étron...
  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates 1 тиждень тому I love that he pointed out that no other car maker has made a car that exceeds the 2012 85kwh model S in range. So true. Tesla is in their own world.
  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson 1 тиждень тому and keep flipping the bird to the rest
  • Chun Kau Simon Cheung
    Chun Kau Simon Cheung 1 тиждень тому (змінено) I like your video. But I disagree with you about customers in general. Many EV shoppers, especially the early stage group, are heavy on environmental friendly products. Efficiency is very important to them. The model X raven in Q2 onward will outsell the Etron by a lot because of efficiency (and several other reasons) The dip of the S and the X are over I think
  • I.M. Impending
    I.M. Impending 1 тиждень тому ​@Chun Kau Simon Cheung If you drive "it like a moron" (quoting Joe Rogan) it can halve your total distance. 300 miles can go down to 150. It is not great to overcharge so if you charge to 250 and halve that you are at 125. It is also not advisable to *often let the charge go below 60. That leaves you with 65 mile range when you want to drive at full MORON levels. In other words, range affects performance.
  • Chun Kau Simon Cheung
    Chun Kau Simon Cheung 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Ray Johnson agree with you, but I also think Audi will come out a new EV with a new name next year to compete :) don’t count them out just yet. Although I agree these German auto companies are way behind, they are getting very serious finally, like Samsung took 3 years to get close to apple, never quite catch up, but stealing market shares along the way. If Tesla hang on the lead, but go down to 30% of world EV market, will still become the biggest company in the world by 2025 :) because the EV market will be huge by then :)
  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson 1 тиждень тому and model x raven has a lot better stuff as well than that turd
  • Peter Ferret
    Peter Ferret 1 тиждень тому That is what Aldi call it. Germany is next to France, they must know. They called it that so less people buy it.
  • Hercules Fouche
    Hercules Fouche 6 днів тому That is what Audi themselves think of their own product.
  • maxpesh
    maxpesh 1 тиждень тому KONA in Portuguese = CUN*
  • Philippe Venet
    Philippe Venet 3 дні тому A cun* is not a bad place to visit, and it's the origin for all of us. An étron... hmm.. is something we dont really want to keep with us ;)
  • diablowlk
    diablowlk 1 тиждень тому @ricios I hope your wife don't see that, but funny as etron.
  • Ricois
    Ricois 1 тиждень тому @Edward Patel Is there a difference?
  • Edward Patel
    Edward Patel 1 тиждень тому But also wife in Norwegian
  • Matthias Kaune
    Matthias Kaune 1 тиждень тому I do care about energy efficiency! That was the reason I bought an EV.
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Rahul Jha, that’s pretty cheap if that includes tax and everything. What is the source of electricity that makes it so cheap while gasoline is so expensive? In the US, where gasoline is expensive, the electricity is too.
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому @IMHO0.8$ per kwh average and peak price in summer 12-14 cent
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Rahul Jha, how much is electricity per kWh?
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому we use European gallon
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому @IMHO if oil price will stable for long at 60$ per barrel then we will also get oil at 4$ but current it 7$ and 10$+
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому @IMHO pricing system is differentin india retail price will be different to every state + 25 to 45% vat so add that and its for dieseland petrol cost more (20%) than what u got
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Rahul Jha, when I googled it before it said $0.98/liter. So about $4/gallon. But I’m sure it varies just like in the US. If you live in a good state it’s $2.50, but if you live in a bad state it’s $4/gallon.
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому @IMHO check the price of indian oil and then comment 7$ dollar for non premium and for high class its above 10$, indian govt tax oil 250% + vat (25% - 45%) depends on state
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Rahul Jha, is that US$3.11/gallon? I thought you were saying $11.3/gallon. Lol
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому @IMHO in india its current price
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Rahul Jha, if gas prices go that high, maybe EVs will be viable sooner. But right now gas in the US is $2.50/gallon in the good states. $4.00/gal in the bad states.
  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 1 тиждень тому @IMHO 11.3$ per gallon
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Ahmad Fauzi, e tron is less efficient than model X. That was Alex’s point that not everyone cares about efficiency over everything else. A Chevy Tahoe driver doesn’t care about efficiency. Whether he buys the X or e tron, either are more efficient. So that driver may be happy with the luxury of Audi, even those less efficient than the e tron. Chevy and Ford are still selling plenty of these gas hogs. The buyers just don’t care....until gas goes above $5/gallon. Lol
  • Ahmad Fauzi
    Ahmad Fauzi 1 тиждень тому @IMHO how audi e tron is more efficient than model x? Do u even watch this video?
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Ahmad Fauzi, Tahoe is an SUV, Audi e tron is an SUV.
  • Ahmad Fauzi
    Ahmad Fauzi 1 тиждень тому @IMHO please compare apple to apple (SUV with SUV, sedan with sedan)
  • Chun Kau Simon Cheung
    Chun Kau Simon Cheung 1 тиждень тому IMHO you may be right, but I still disagree with you. Since the EV world environmentally friendly is a big thing
  • IMHO
    IMHO 1 тиждень тому Matthias Kaune, if efficiency was everything, nobody would buy any SUV, including a model X, then would all buy a Hyundai Ionic or Model 3 SR+, or a Toyota Prius. A new Chevy Tahoe gets 18 mpg. Or about 6 miles per $1 of gas. The Audi e tron can go 8-20 miles per $1 electricity. And yet, there are people buying these big SUV every day. It’s good that Audi is making an electron hog for those who just don’t care about efficiency.
  • Chun Kau Simon Cheung
    Chun Kau Simon Cheung 1 тиждень тому Matthias Kaune electricity is not cheap. I agree with you. Kw per mile is important
  • R Triplett
    R Triplett 1 тиждень тому its what the name translates to. Once again, Alex, stop leading with the FUD.
  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 1 тиждень тому To be fair... Audi called it a Turd... first. And they, Audi, continue to call it a turd at every time they mention the vehicle... but sure, let's make it about Elon, instead.
  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 1 тиждень тому @E for Electric You Thumbnailed a Graphic... of Elon speaking, with the word, "SH*T", in giant red letters, next to an e-Tron with a yellow arrow pointed to it. You titled the video, "Elon Musk Calls Audi e-Tron a 'turd' ". I'm pretty sure that watching the whole video isn't necessarily required to validate my ability to leave a comment.
  • E for Electric
    E for Electric 1 тиждень тому You should really watch the video before commenting
  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates 1 тиждень тому Audi and VW are turds 💩. Lol
  • RobertJLessard
    RobertJLessard 1 тиждень тому He's just juvenile, it's his style. He was probably picked last in baseball when a kid and hasn't got over it.
  • Chris Boys
    Chris Boys 1 тиждень тому The thing I can't understand is why people (like E for Electric) don't point out how UGLY the ETRON is. Man, the car looks like someone put braces on the front end. it reminds me of that scene in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN where the nurse gives Leonardo de Caprio a big smile with her braces on! Ouch. The car in general looks like a dog that has spent too much time chasing parked cars.
  • Gerhold B. Kooper
    Gerhold B. Kooper 1 тиждень тому He only complemented the AD. We know how Ads can be disconnected from the product reality.
  • Nelson Pineda
    Nelson Pineda 1 тиждень тому At least he mentioned the Audi. I think that is good for Audi. I bet "other" car companies would have loved a mention, any mention. Free publicity.
  • people93
    people93 1 тиждень тому "No one care about the battery efficiency." Really?
  • Burger Birger
    Burger Birger 3 дні тому Con: inefficient Pro: got a dealer network