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The All Conquering Audi R8 | Assetto Corsa Mod by VRC Modding Team

Published on Jul 10, 2019 3,103 views
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Today I'm taking a look at the new Audi R8 Assetto Corsa Mod by the VRC Modding Team. Following hot on the heals of the much loved Bentley Speed 8, the VRC Audi R8 LMP is the latest of the three Assetto Corsa Mods in the prototyp[e category to be produced by VRC - with the Panoz to follow on soon.

I'm pretty confident in saying that if you liked the Speed 8, you'll like this Audi R8 Assetto Corsa mod. They are, perhaps unsurprisingly pretty similar in their approach and execution.

If you're interested in downloading the Audi R8 Assetto Corsa mod from the VRC Modding Team, you can do so from their website at the link below:

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  • SimRacing604
    SimRacing604 6 днів тому You’re on another level, Chris! It’s always a pleasure watching your videos. Thanks for another great one.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Don't do yourself a disservice dude ;)
  • SingleRacer
    SingleRacer 6 днів тому One Sim-Racing Legend in the video - two Sim-Racing Legends in the comments section...… no, not me silly(s ; ) YOU TWO!!!
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Thanks Mike, too kind as always!
  • Sebastian Müller
    Sebastian Müller 6 днів тому I highly recommend putting the VRC Prototypes together with the RSS GT mod on track! Amazing early 2000s multi-class endurance racing
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Definitely - you can just about see them in some of the background shots in this video :)
  • Pedro Henrique Dias Malacarne
    Pedro Henrique Dias Malacarne 6 днів тому Now I just need one of the good ol' Pescarolos to be a happy kid again. A serious underdog team that fought against the Audis, especially during the 2005 Le Mans. Really underrated one IMO.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому I had the same thought Pedro - Henri's team were an ever present fixture for a long time - would be great to see them represented in Sim Racing.
  • Acidicheartburn1
    Acidicheartburn1 3 дні тому I second Can-Am cars for Assetto. There's a few out there but none of them have the polish or depth of VRC or RSS cars. Assetto does offer the 917/30 but that car is more of a freak show and doesn't have any other cars to compare with. Can-Am is criminally underrepresented in racing games, especially given the amazing variety of cars and years to choose from. I could see an entire racing game being made around Can-Am. Thanks for another great review, Chris.
  • ACE'S_HiGH
    ACE'S_HiGH 6 днів тому I bought the R8 and its stunning. Just stunning. This is my favourite mod from VRC, By Far Thanks for the Vid. Chris! Liked and enjoyed this video
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Thanks dude. It's definitely one of the more engaging cars. I've never been too fussed about their F1 attempts, but the LMPs have been great so far!
  • Robert Pfeiffer
    Robert Pfeiffer 6 днів тому (змінено) Another excellent video, Chris. Now, I don't put the FIA SCC or GA in general in the same league as the ALMS, ELMS, or LM itself, but in my comment on the Bentley Speed 8 video, I suppose I omitted an eighth winning LMP900 in terms of major events for 1999-03. The list so far: 1. Audi R8 2. Panoz LMP-1 3. BMW V12 LMR 4. Lola/MG EX257 5. Bentley EXP Speed 8 6. Pescarolo C60 7. Rafanelli R&S Mk III Judd special And the one I left off: 8. Dallara SP1 Judd And as a matter of personal taste, I thought the 2001 Dallara SP1 Mopar (Chrysler LMP) looked pretty darn good, and was also quite rapid in relation to the Audis.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Not a bad looking group! The SP1 is a good shout - often forgotten I feel. But it turns up at a lot of historics meetings in the UK, so I get to see it quite often :)
  • Edward Burek
    Edward Burek 6 днів тому Makes one wonder how the Audi R8 and the Bentley Speed 8 would do if the VW group allowed them to race on the same track at the same time. I reckon the racing would have been epic.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Well, they did run the factory Speed 8 and Audi R8 together in 2001 & 2002. IIRC the Bentley was about 5 seconds slower in terms of raw, one-lap pace. It's also worth remembering they were in different classes.
  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 6 днів тому The R8 is one of my favorite race cars. I'm just glad to see it in more sims!
  • Gopherchucks Games
    Gopherchucks Games 6 днів тому These look amazing . Another fantastic edit man.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Thanks dude - as always :)
  • Alpha Lobster
    Alpha Lobster 6 днів тому (змінено) IMHO the VRC R8 is an absolute masterpiece. The driving experience is completely absorbing. FWIW I went back to the Formula NA and could not stop lapping it around Laguna. I have been putting some time into getting some safe/race setups sorted too. Will put them up on Discord soon.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Agreed! I think VRC could do with some better stock setups really - they're always so willing to over-rotate on turn in, which in the single seaters makes them both hard to drive and hard to believe.
  • Ed Berger
    Ed Berger 6 днів тому Another great video, Chris. This one seems like a ton of fun! And is definitely a legend in its' own right. Thanks for the share.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Thanks Ed - this was a fun one to make. :)
  • Al Simoncelli
    Al Simoncelli 6 днів тому Was a huge fan of this car and can’t wait to download and drive it! Thanks for a great description and scenic artsy video..... again!
  • James Galbraith
    James Galbraith 6 днів тому Another great vid. BTW @chris What are your Simucube settings for Assetto Corsa?
  • James Galbraith
    James Galbraith 6 днів тому @Chris Haye Many thanks chum. Appreciate that.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Thanks James, much appreciated. I'm not at home at the moment, but I'll try and remember to post my settings when I get back!
  • The Sim Channel
    The Sim Channel 6 днів тому Eh, what about an onboard lap with this one? :P
  • The Sim Channel
    The Sim Channel 6 днів тому @Chris Haye I noticed! ^^
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Heh - I got mixed feedback to the last one, so decided to hold off this time and see if anyone noticed ;)
  • Wayne Yooktz
    Wayne Yooktz 6 днів тому Jimmer posted a video on this very same car just today.. More Audi R8 goodness. Nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Edward Burek
    Edward Burek 5 днів тому @Wayne Yooktz But of course sir.
  • Chris Haye
    Chris Haye 6 днів тому Yeah, turns out we're both about 5 days behind being 'on-trend'! As a coincidence, we're collaborating on a video later on today - looking forward to that!
  • Wayne Yooktz
    Wayne Yooktz 6 днів тому @Edward Burek Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
  • Edward Burek
    Edward Burek 6 днів тому I saw the Jimmer vid as well - might have made a few comments along the way...