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My Thoughts on the Audi R8 After ONE Year!

Published on Jul 10, 2019 310 views
ASAP Rocky Tame Impala WONDER WHEEL удовольствие снасть для ловли сома

Thanks for checking out my video on owning my Audi R8 for one year! If you have any questions about owning an Audi R8, drop them below.
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  • Flexx Alexander
    Flexx Alexander 6 днів тому (змінено) Hey man, fellow youtuber here, and I just have to say your content surrounding your R8 has been super helpful. I’m actually in the process of possibly shopping for a 2010-2012 V8 R-tronic and hearing and learning about some of the things you’ve experienced really puts things into perspective on why I should get one and what to expect from it (good and bad). There isn’t really a lot of content out there on the R8 that are detailed as yours. So again, it’s great hearing your point of view. You definitely got a thumbs up and sub from me. Can’t wait for more content. Keep up the great work and I wish you much success in this crazy world of YouTube. It definitely isn’t easy and takes guts and a lot of work to really grow a channel without catching a unicorn viral video. If you are on IG, hit me up sometime @Flexx_Alexander Thank man - Flexx 😎🤙🏼
  • Flexx Alexander
    Flexx Alexander 5 днів тому Thanks man. That's super helpful. I did watch all those videos and this one as well. Even watched them several times each. lol. I did remember you talking about the third party software update along with putting it in sport mode is a must. That's legit the same thing I do to my current car. I updated the tune on my tranny and I always drive in sports mode. I don't know why they even give the option to turn sport mode off on a freagin SPORTS CAR. But thanks for the feedback. There's an R8 near to me that I might go see next week. Maybe test driving it will give me a better understanding of your perspective on the tranny. Thanks again!